Tackle Videos

Setting up your baitcasting reel

By JP DeRose

Choosing a fishing line 

By JP DeRose

How often to change your line

By JP DeRose

Spooling Braid onto your reel

(applies also to spinning reels)

By Mark DeLaRosa 

How to tie the Double Uni Knot

(Remember to wet your knots before

 cinching tight)

By Bulletproof Outdoors

Tying the FG Knot

By JP DeRose

Simplified FG Knot

By Angling Knots

Choosing spinning reels

By JP DeRose

Choosing large saltwater spinning reels

By JP DeRose

Fishing Rod Actions

By JP DeRose

Technique Videos

Lake Erie Offshore Smallmouth

By Dave Mercer

Catch More with Soft Plastics

By JP DeRose